Friday, August 7, 2009

You didn't help me...and now it's too late

Mommy, please help me…please, before it’s too late.
Mommy wake up!
Please mommy, help me.
Hurry Mommy!
The footsteps, they’re loud, they hurt my ears.
Please, someone, help me, please…the screams are all I hear.
Please, Mommy, save me.
My body, it hurts.
I have bruises and I’m bleeding Mommy.
Wake up, Mommy…please.
Why does daddy do this to me?
Why does he hurt me?
Mommy, please make him stop.
Please wake up.
The floors are red, Mommy.
The pain doesn’t stop. Mommy, he won’t stop, Mommy.
Why don’t you hear me?
It’s hard for me to breathe.
I can’t stay here Mommy.
I can’t be alive.
I can’t stay here anymore.
You didn’t save me.
No one would help me.

Now it’s too late, Mommy.I don’t want to hurt anymore.


  1. Powerful poem. I want to scoop up that little girl and rescue her. I'm so sorry. Only safe, gentle hugs. ((((((((Gracie))))))))

  2. Hi Grace,

    Still here listening. I can't imagine the terror little Gracie felt.

    Safe hugs to (((Little Gracie))),


  3. Thank you to all...
    I wish someone would scoop her up and rescue her...I really wish that was possible. I wish someone would scoop me up and hold me.
    But in reality, I probably wouldn't let anyone hold me...out of fear.

    But hugs via internet I can take an abundant supply....