Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh~ My Aching Head....

I've had a headache for at least a month...maybe a year! An ache that exists all the time.
Sometimes it's just a dull nauseating ache, not unbearable, but always "there". Other times it's a full blown migraine and it feels like the left side of my head and neck are stuck in a vice that just gets tighter and tighter until my vision begins to blur and it makes me vomit.

I have tried about every migraine medication that has been approved by the FDA~ imitrex, maxalt, midrin, treximet...nothing helps. In fact, after taking prescription migraine medications, the side effects are worse than the migraine itself. So I try to just suffer through them now. But the dull ache that exists in my left temple...annoying.

DT tells me migraines are common for CSA survivors. I tell her that my paranoia tells me that the (imagined) bone cancer, from the joint and body pain, has now spread to my brain.


  1. I get paranoia about stuff like that, too. It's so hard.

  2. Dear one I am sorry that you constantly suffer from an on-going dull headache if not a migrain.

    I too having been having headaches every single day, and I do take over the counter migrain pills which do seem to help. I can sympathize.

    Now, the headaches for me all started when I began my journey, so your DT is not far off the track with telling you that it is common. But, I do understand your concern.