Friday, August 14, 2009

"No offense, Grace, but he won't talk to a woman."

Before I provide some "color" around the above statement, I should also state that I had several nightmares last night, involving an abundant amount of "harmful" activity, which was probably that 5 year old little bitch's way of getting me back for going medieval on her ass last night, and then had to report to work at 7am for a meeting which left me "offended" on so many different levels.

WHAT? I'm sorry, I must have forgotten what year it is? Could someone be so kind as to gently remind me, because I was under the impression that it was 2009 ~ and that someone, in the "professional/business" was not at liberty to practice discriminatory acts. I realize I have a tendency to dissociate and at times I do confuse the past with the present, but I'm confident that was not the case during the meeting this morning when the above statement was vomited out.Grace was volunteered to fly across the country to meet with a business client to explain some information to said business client, as Grace is the "best PERSON for the job due to her extensive knowledge in this area." 10 seconds after Grace's boss volunteers Grace for this *project*, a man on the call says, "No offense, but he is Jewish and he won't talk to Grace because Grace is a woman. I've been in meetings with him before and he will show the women the door so the men can talk *business*."

Again...WHAT? "No offense"? I am offended on SO MANY LEVELS!

1. I have a masters degree in...drum roll please...YES! BUSINESS! And yet because I don't have a dick I am unable to participate in the "business" conversation? WTF?

2. I am the best "person" for the job since I am the one who did the work on this account ~ and I'm not talking about sweeping the floor doing the laundry, or doing the dishes!
3. I'm already living the nightmare of being fucked by my father because I am a GIRL!

4. My mother would not "love" me because I am a girl! I have two brothers, she loved them.

I think I'll send him an email stating I think I must be PMSing and that might be why I reacted so strongly...just another joy of being a woman!

I'm sure the MAN who said this on the call was saying it in a protective kind of way, meaning he didn't want to put me in a position where I would experience that type of offensive, sexist, discriminatory behavior in person.

But again, this only serves to reinforce all the *old* thoughts that continue to play in my head, over and over, night after night.... Grace is good enough to use her intellect to do all the work, "behind the scenes". Good enough to utilize her expertise; business expertise, not "sorting laundry" expertise.
I am good enough to fuck ~ but I will never be good enough to love.
And women, like little girls, should be FUCKED and not *heard*.


  1. That is fucked up.

    I remember when one summer in college I worked as a custodian at a high school. I had asked to work maintenance because it pays better and is more interesting, and the foreman told me I had to spend the summer mopping floors because he doesn't put "ladies" on the maintenance team.

    I'm pretty sure that was completely illegal, but yeah. No one cared.

  2. Yes, it is, isn't it?
    When I told my husband about it, he said I should let it go - because they are uneducated assholes and I can't change that. They don't deserve my anger or frustration. Fuck it! They can kiss my educated, FEMALE ASS! And they can do it in my corner office in the executive suites!