Saturday, August 22, 2009

She is in pain because we don't have the right chair!

My body ached all day Friday leaving me in a constant state of pain, of which I was unable to alleviate. My hips hurt so bad I could barely walk. I tried everything I could think of…heating pad, hot bath, tylonel, stretching, relaxation yoga…to no avail. Nothing worked. And by early evening I felt like I was 5 years old. Full of fear and silently crying because I hurt so bad and was unable to find any relief. And (of course) the 5 year old was crying because she wanted DT (who she seems to think is her ‘good’ mother).

I tried to help but eventually hypochondria set in because the achy hips joints, the lower back pain… happen so often that I started to panic yesterday, in my pain and think that maybe I had bone cancer.

She desperately wanted a bean bag chair; a giant, soft-pink bean bag chair that we could sink into and be swallowed up in, and hide away in the softness. I imagine it would feel like lying inside of a cloud Nothing harsh or sharp, or hot or cold, could touch me. A giant soft-pink squashy bean bag chair to cradle me and my blue blanket. I don’t think my body would hurt in a chair like that. I think I could hide deep inside the softness and I could feel safe in a chair like that.

I don’t feel well, and I can’t get comfortable because this stupid body aches and I don’t have the right chair!

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  1. Dear one I am so sorry you are in so much physical pain.

    Ironically I do have a bean bag chair. Sorry it is not pink, but grey. I have always loved them. Gracie, if you can, do purchase one of those. I do find physical comfort in them. It certainly is good to stretch out over them to relieve any tension in your back. And yes, as you stated, you can get lost in them and curl up inside. Get one with less “beans” the softer. Get a large one if possible!!

    Thank you for sharing dear one and I do hope your pain subsides for you all.