Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Grace, You *Chap My Ass*

"Grace, You chap my ass!"
DT~ Get in Line!

During my Monday afternoon T session, after an hour of "Grace is playing defense today", I got up to leave and DT smiled and said, "You chap my ass" as she raised her hand in some sort of "let's high-five" effort.

I wasn't offended, and actually thought it humorous that she used a phrase I say OFTEN to her. DT, that chaps my ass.... when "this" happened, it chapped my ass. He/She chaps my ass.

Last night, I had a VM from DT, calling to apologize for saying I "chapped" her ass. She said she felt bad after I left her office because she was worried that I might have taken it as anger or frustration on her part, when she meant it to be humorous and sarcastic (2 of my favorite words) and said it in an effort to "connect" with me at the end of the session. And she wanted to acknowledge this as an "error" if it did cause me to feel bad.

I wrote her an email letting her know that I did take it as her attempt at humor, and I did think it was funny. However, the whole "high-five" think was a bit nerdy (I pictured her with coke bottle glasses and a chemistry set).

What would have probably made me laugh out loud would have been if DT had said:
"Grace, you chap my *fucking* ass. Or "Grace, you *fucking* chap my ass." Without the weird 'high-five' thing....

I Chap your ass, DT?
Well, I chap mine too...Try LIVING inside MY head...
The line forms *here*....


  1. Heh heh. I got my shrink to say 'fuck' once. It was great.

  2. Grace have not heard that phrase in such a long time. ((((Grace))))

  3. EH - yeah, I remember the first time DT said 'fuck' - I told her I loved it when she cusses...

    JBR - obviously you don't hang w/me often cuz I say it all the time!

    Superla - Good! At least I gave your ass a laugh rather than chappin' it!

  4. Wow your post just gave me a laugh. My T says fuck a lot. That is my favorite fucking word! But gotta hand it to ya about the "chap my ass" thats a good one. Needed the laugh tonight.Thanks

  5. Sapphire Dreams - yeah, some nights laughs are hard to come by, huh? I do love it when she uses "my" coined phrases... Yes, I "chap her ass" a lot...but that's why she makes the big bucks!