Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gracie b good tonight - take your pills and go to bed

Last night I took 6x the prescribed dose of seroquel (pdoc prescribed for sleep).
Slept 11 hours, dream free!  
But had a difficult time waking up.
Ultimately my dog's bad breaath in my face did the trick.
As I heard DHs voice downstairs telling the children, "I thought I shut the bedroom door.  Is that the dog I hear in mom's room?"
As thoug he didn't do it on purpose, being it was 1030.
So to proavtively avoid thee looming darkness tonight I'm going to bed at 8.
Isn't that what the drugs are for?
Mind numbing drugs to keep you from calling out to a MHP in "distress".
Fine, DT, you win.  
I'm tired of all of it tonight.
6x the prescribed dose will surely let me sleep dreamlessly till daybreak.
Say goodnight Gracie."
G'nite Gracie...
'sweet dreams. No nightmares.'


  1. I understand your need for relief, and I hope you can be careful with the pills.

  2. Please please please be careful.

    Could you talk to your prescribing physician about looking into a more effective sleeping pill so that you don't have to take more than the recommended dose of the ones you have now?

    Sorry to be all mother hen-ish. I worry about you.