Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's NOT an ED if it's 'involuntary', right?

I hate carpet! Carpet is ALWAYS dirty! Even if you can’t see the dirt ~ it’s there. DH loves carpet – he thinks it’s warm and cozy – who wants to step on a cold tile/wood floor when it’s the middle of Winter. I see only GERMS & DIRT! I hate carpet – and upholstered furniture too. Leather is cleaner. DH hates our leather furniture too – too hard, too cold, not comfortable like his cozy, filthy, upholstered recliner (which he keeps in the man cave). We do have another recliner in the man cave – its leather, guess which one I sit in if we happen to watch a movie together…

And in the 3 ½ years we’ve lived here, not one puking accident on the carpet. Not one! I think that’s pretty impressive since we have 2 children and a dog. But the 3 ½ record has now been broken. I no longer have to make myself puke, which I used to do on a daily basis– now the constant stomach aches and headaches play nicely into my habitual “maladaptive ED behavior”. Now it just happens. The main problem with that is that with self-induced vomiting can be controlled. If I wanted to make myself throw up, I did – THIS is involuntary and can strike at any moment…and this time it struck at a time I was unable to make it to the bathroom or the sink.

And for once I suppose I’m thankful that DH has not cleaned the dirty/filthy/icky carpet that I’ve been asking him to do for a couple of months…since I puked cranberry juice (no vodka, swear!) on the family room carpet early this morning. Being the polite “thoughtful” person I am I stayed downstairs all night since I kept getting up – I spent most of the night alternating between dozing on the bathroom tile and vomiting. Great idea to move to the couch!

So today, I am cleaning the carpet and puking…not self-induced though. And I haven’t cut myself since the Sept 5th. So look how much better I’m doing!

Next time I fly I’m stealing all the barf bags.

Grace is *half-smiling* and wishing I had the energy to go to the store to get some medicine to make me NOT puke…

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