Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I would rather bleed to death on the bathroom floor than go to the ER!

It still really burns my ass that DT leaves for vacation leaving only a paper of the local ER numbers covered in her tire tracks as she got the hell out of dodge. I realize she's a 'one-woman' show, and all...well except when she 'consults' about my treatment. Of course I have no idea when that would be, or with whom, since she doesn't say - however, I suspect it's the same fat-ass, judgmental DBT-cult preaching bitch she sent me too last year! I wish that short-skirt wearing Marsha look-alike would "consult" with me on the whole 'keeping your legs crossed' when wearing a mini-skirt, as well as maximum thigh girth for wearing ANYTHING where the hem does not meet the calf or below.

If you feel *suicidal* ~ just call 911 or go to the local ER. See, here's the problem with that. My experiences with doctors and ERs are not really...um...positive. Neither am I a very "trustworthy" person. It took me over a year to trust DT...and I'm still not back in 'full-trust' mode since she drank the kool-aid that Marsha gave her! So there is NO way in hell I would EVER go to the ER, only to be stamped as crazy and drugged up even more than I already am! ER doctors don't listen! When I was 5 I was admitted to the hospital with recurrent UTIs and kidney infections...one would think that after all that 'schooling' a doctor would have been able to tell that I had been fucked! But, that would of course led to more paperwork...and who the hell wants more charting to do! Better to sedate her, perform some INVASIVE tests, (anyone else want to look inside my vagina?), keep her for a few days in the hospital (IN A CRIB!), treat with IV antibiotics and send the 5 year old home to be fucked some more.

I've told DT this over and over again... I would rather bleed to death on the bathroom floor than go to the ER! And I swear to God it would happen - I don't care how suicidal I feel! Hell would freeze over first!

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