Saturday, September 12, 2009

No one gave Grace permission to hurt.

DT: “The angry and abusive part of you that is acting out anger and abuses of power has no place or permission to treat the hurt parts of you in such terrorizing ways.”

Yes, you are right, DT. No one gave Grace “permission” to hurt. She forgot, no one has to ASK her permission before hurting Grace, but everyone must “grant” Grace permission to hurt….or ‘feel’, or ‘express’ her feelings. Grace ‘expressed’ her feelings and pain- unacceptable!

“The adult part of you needs to step it up and return to making compassionate and loving efforts toward the hurt, scared and lonely part of you. This has to happen NOW!”

I should have left all of the pain and hurt and shame and ALL of the past in your office…. I'll drop it off for you. I’d suggest you keep an extra can of Lysol& perhaps some Febreze Because it won’t be long before the STINK of the rottenness will overwhelm you…just as it has me for the past 30+ years!
Now listen to me very carefully, Grace: You have some tools and supports and you need to do this now!” I trust that you will hear what I am saying and make the decisions to not further the abuses of the past...

Yes, DT, Gracie will stuff it all of it back into Pandora's Box and shut the lid permanently. You used to say you "wanted to hear *all* of Grace"...but CLEARLY you no longer have time.

Grace is going to go away now…Thank you for trying to help her...until your life changed and you ran out of time. It's okay. Grace is out of time too...and too tired to do it alone anymore.


  1. Dear Grace,
    I am so sorry that you feel like you have to stuff all your pain back in the box. I really hate when I share deep heart issues and I don't feel heard by others.
    Still Listening,


  2. Dear one, as always here listening.....