Friday, September 11, 2009

There's no "WE" - there was but there is no longer a "WE"! So - GO AWAY! *WARNING* PAG wrote this *PROFANITY ALERT*

Sept 2008
From: DT
Subject: I know you have a lot hurt . you will be ok . We will get thru this . I am still here.

Yes, “when you feel like it”. “WE” There’s no Fucking “WE”! There’s ME and all the “non-existent” shit that I fucking make up in my head! I don’t really care anymore!
Don’t bother sending some stupid email to me telling me “It looks like you had a rough night last night” or any type of Mary Poppins “spoon full of sugar” BS! In fact, why bother sending anything at all!!!! I’m sure it’s a HUGE FUCKING INCONVENIENCE FOR YOU ANYWAY! I could just “script” something and send it to myself! I don’t want to hear any BS about “sitting w/the shit and feeling it and putting it in fucking labeled buckets”…give me a fucking break!!!! So DON’T BOTHER anymore! Don’t fucking bother sending anything “comforting” to the fucked up, untreatable, daddy fucking whore cunt – she is fucking terminal so let’s not *pretend* anymore that you want to “Help” her and she should fucking tell you what she “NEEDS” – since it’s completely IN-FUCKING-VALIDATING! She’s such a stupid cunt! She should be fucking dead! Worthless piece of fucking white trash – whore!!!!

So don’t fucking bother wasting any more of your “precious” time and energy, Golden DT…because it’s way too late. The fucking demon has reared it’s gory head again! And we both know it’s all “pretend” for you anyway. Roll your fucking eyes, sighing at the ‘obligation’ – yes, she depended on you and you ‘helped’ her then. But alas, your life *changed*- and she gets fucked AGAIN! Last night, I told her, “Roll Over Bitch! You are NOTHING! YOU WILL ALWAYS BE NOTHING BUT A FUCKED UP WHORE!” YOU Don’T MATTER!!!!!! YOU DESERVE NOTHING BUT PAIN! AND ONE DAY IT WILL BE “ENOUGH” AND YOU WILL FINALLY DIE!” She’s such a fucking bitch!

Go away! Leave me alone! I need NOTHING from YOU or anyone else! I can take care of it myself! Just like I do EVERY FUCKING NIGHT!!! So DON’T FUCKING PRETEND YOU CARE, OR “WORRY” OR ANY OF THAT OTHER BULLSHIT YOU PUKE ON ME, “WHEN YOU HAVE FUCKING TIME!” Sorry she can’t put it all in a pink little box and tie it with a bow – it doesn’t fucking work that way!!!! Not that you GET THAT!DON’T BOTHER!!!!!!!! “IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S HER” – but she isn’t going to “change” and so YOU need to go away permanently! Like you don’t even exist anymore to any of us!


  1. Read some of my posts on what I think (ME- my "opinion") of DBT and the flying nun - that'll probably piss you off, and render additional unsolicited advice....