Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oops...She did it again...

Phycho angry girl cancelled therapy appointment....

She decided hell, if she can be suicidal for a week, while DT is on vacation and still be alive then why the hell does she need to see DT?

And so I got a message from DT saying that angry girl cancelled our "meeting" because I'm angry at her. (DUH! That didn't take a genius to figure out!)

And she *suspects* there the other parts of me will have some other needs and feelings that may need or want to be heard. She she *hopes* I can "honor" ALL the parts of me that have feelings and thoughts and bring them to our appointment.

Now I have all these internal fights going on now debating on whether to go or not to go.
I need them to SHUT UP!

I guess whoever is in charge right before my sheduled appointment gets to decide.
What is wrong with me????