Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Use Broken Glass to Purify and Heal (could trigger)

The Yogi believe that walking or laying on broken glass can actually help with blood circulation, heal heart related ailments, kidney problems, nervous system ailments and paralysis. The deeper the glass penetrates the more relaxed you will feel!

The ad I read beckons the question: Why walk on broken glass? Why not!

"Face your fears. Stimulate your body. Healing. Empower your self with a key to do anything you wish!"

I am S-O-L-D! And luckily I have a TON of broken glass hidden all over the house! My panic and fear reactions are (according to DT) deeply embedded in my mid-brain and they elicit sensations and central nervous systems that feel *real-time* based. God! MY central nervous system is on overdrive!

I'm going to set all the glass out, and tonight when I dissociate I will walk on the glass and see if it helps me "face my fears"! Well, okay, my *perceived* fears ~ non-reality based fears...take over.

Even if it doesn't work - it certainly can't be any more damaging than DBT, right? And a hell of a lot cheaper!

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