Tuesday, September 22, 2009

When my road is rough ahead...I have a friend in her...

There are friends…and then there are “friends”… and I write this to a “friend”
You know what I mean…we all have friends who we can hang out with, go to dinner with, take in a movie, talk about the weather and the job…maybe the spouse and the children…”shop talk”….
And then there are “FRIENDS”…

Friends who know you, friends you’ve been “real” with and still felt accepted. Friends who will give you the space you need, but know when to push you. Today, I had a conversation with a “friend” like that. She has been in my life for just over 3 years but at times I feel like we’ve known each other forever. She is a “real” friend, a friend I can share “me” with, not just enjoy a movie or dinner with. Her personality reminds me much of my own. Although she is friendly, like me, she guards her ‘personal’ self and allows only a trusted few to see inside her shaded windows.

I was chatting with my friend this afternoon, I hadn’t really talked to her much in a couple of weeks, and I was happy to find some time to “catch up”. We spent a few minutes talking about the ‘usual’ chit chat…how are you, how was vacation…did you watch “said show” last week? How are the bruises from that “fall” a couple of weeks ago?

The chit-chat took a more serious tone when she asked me about my SI –and I told her it had been a while since I had cut. She called me a liar – right then and there – and (jokingly) told me to “strip down” and prove it (at least I hope it was a joke). Of course, I had to tell the truth then – I mean, who wants to be standing naked in someone’s office at 6pm…when I told her the truth, there was no judgment in her words or her face, she was supportive and understanding – recognizing that there are times when there are no other options.

I appreciate her more than she realizes…and tonight, I keep finding myself with a smile on my face as I remember her calling me out for being dishonest about my pain…and for accepting me anyway when I shared the truth of me.

For you…friend… You’ve got a friend in me….


  1. I don't have a single friend like her offline. The closest thing I have to that is my husband. I'm glad you have her, Grace. Very glad.

  2. I wish I could say the same about my DH - Ilove him dearly - but I can't 'share' this part of me withe him ---he doesn't understand.
    I so love having you and my blog friends too...my RLFs are awesome and supportive - YOU have "been" where I am now... I find that comforting...even in the pain...
    My heart ~ Grace

  3. Grace, you are truly blessed to have a friend such as her Cherish her.