Wednesday, September 16, 2009

There's Something Inside so Strong....

Tonight, DT reminded me of CD I gave her with this song on it.

It feels right for me tonight...they can try to take away my voice, but I will just sing louder! Even when I feel so weak I can barely breathe, DT reminds me, as she did tonight - There's Something inside me that's so strong...

JBR - I feel your strength and your faith...and I feel you holding me, safely, on my darkest days
Lynn - I hear your voice singing that you will survive! Even on your darkest day, it's there....
JIP - I know you all will make it, even though you were done so wrong
eeabee- You speak to me with calmness and strength
Ivory - Those high barriers will only make you taller and you will know when that time is right
Tammy - Your support and strength have meant so much to me....
Marj - Your voice has inspired so many others to speak up & realize they are NOT alone.
Superlagirl - Your humor and honesty are inspiring - never censor!
ALL of "US" They cannot take our rights away! We are good enough!

(I'll take off the cheerleading uniform now...the sudden burst of inspiring, positive, energy - I gotta take it when I can get it...) I'll return when the shuttle lands....


  1. Sweet Gracie, tremendous safe hugs to you dear one!


  2. Thank you so much Grace! Your blog and comments mean so much to me.