Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm sick of being tired! And I'm tired of being sick!

i'm so tired and sick
sick of being tired
tired of being sick
like im too tired to breathe
discouraged becuz i feel like a little kid
dont want to eat drink shower get dressed
i guess i shouldn'thave cancelled my appt today
i didnt cancel out of anger for once
but it doesnt matter anyway cuz im too tired to get there
just curl up in the chair and wrap up in my blue blanket
and be sick and tired
not really another option is there


  1. i know how you feel.. sometimes i feel it is unfair that others rarely get sick while i got colds regularly... and most of the time i get sick before important events (example: the final exams) it is very embarassing making so much noise coughing inside the exam hall ~.~ since others are SO quiet, it makes me sound louder...

  2. So what's the name for this,&are you in meds.jw? Idk how, or what to do.I'm like this for year's divorce and misc.