Tuesday, September 8, 2009

From Perfect ~ To Perfectly Broken

Septic these wounds that weep the memories
Rule me with an iron fist
My name- nothing more than the hatred that spills from your lips
I purge to end their disease
Nothing in me was left pure only born to shame
With pounding thrust that muted voice I quickly forgot my own name
Rancid, with odor and stickiness, you left between the gates
I slaughter my own body to let go of your mistakes
Achingly wrought in vomit, I spew forth flashbacks laced with pain
Mistakes that were never mine to pay, introduced through morbid molestation
You broke the army of the child, bombed the virgin nation
You left behind a broken doll stained with your indignation
Eyes stitched shut to block out voids of picture perfect hate
You crossed the line of perfect love and flooded her pearly gates

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