Friday, December 25, 2009

How are you *feeling* today, Grace? Well, DT, let me check the chart....

The therapist has this *feeling* chart up on her wall (who's therapist doesn't, right?) ~ I look at it sometimes although it's on the same wall as the couch so it's difficult to see ~ I'd suggest she move it ~ but you know how us *crazyheads* are ~ we don't like change - so it's probably not a good idea.  Anyway, I was thinking about that chart today, and how hard it is for me to even know how I'm "feeling" at any given point in time.  Today I feel like a big fat fucking failure ~ yep ~ that's how I *FEEL* ~ I can't find that on the chart, dear therapist...does that mean I'm not *allowed* to FEEL that way?  Cuz I do!

Yup ~ big fat fucking failure...that would be a combination of many of these stupid-ass faces! 
Fuck it! Who cares!  I sure don't!!!


  1. Oh, that doesn't sound good. Hope the feeling passes soon. Thinking of you on this holiday.

  2. Thank you ~ holidays are hard...they just are...