Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I had *crazyhead* on Friday

Last Friday I got confused between then and now.  I thought I was past that but obviously I'm not.
Because it happened again.  I was 9 when my mother took my little brother and went away for 2 weeks with my biological father and left me with the evil step-father.  And last Friday I got *crazyhead* early in the evening and when I was talking to the therapist I cried and told her she couldn't help me. And I got confused. The therapist was suddenly the host body and she left me with the evil kid-f'ing SF. And I told the therapist I did not need her and she could not help me and I hung up on her. And I don't remember much else after that.
I don't know how to get the crazy out of my head. I need to find a cure soon ~ because although I didn't find any cuts/scabs/burns later...this last case of the crazies was worse than most. 
I can't get out of bed now...all I want to do is stay asleep...I just want to sleep...