Saturday, August 22, 2009

The 5 year old is punishing me for not letting her talk!

The 5 year old is punishing me for not letting her talk. Is that even possible or does it just make me sound even more crazy? Sleep, for me, on Thursday night was even more eluvsive than usual. I tried to distract myself by IMing with friend of mine on FB until Midnight...but the 5 year old was still here.

I'm telling you that last week she was pissed at me for (as I said last week) "going medieval on her ass". Now she's pissed because I wouldn't let her talk to DT on Thursday - so she makes me feel like I'm being crushed by the Incredible Hulk all day long and I can barely move. That’s not fair!
I still think we should consider an exorcism...I can't commit to letting that DFW (for God's sake - don't tell her I called her that!) talk, she has way too many shameful things to say, and yet I CANNOT handle feeling like yesterday very often.

So, what needs to happen? I have let her to talk to you because I have obviously not killed her! And she is such a conniving little bitch! Because the pattern seems to be that when she doesn't get her way she takes it out on me physically, or in dreams - and I seriously can't deal with that much longer!

I feel like crap and if she keeps it up I'm going to cash in my IRA, and my 401K too, if need be, and I’m going hire a member of the DFW mafia to kill her!


  1. I am scared all the time.
    please pray for us
    pray becuz he doesnt listne to us.
    i dont know y

  2. Dear Gracie,
    If it's ok...I'm here listening to to her talk, too. I'm sad that you are so scared.
    (((Safe Hugs)))

  3. I'm sad too--I wish I could have been there to help. I'm glad you're getting a chance to talk.