Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Little girl loves and misses DT tonight...

Before she left for vacation, DT left me some books and a heart stone of her's to borrow while she was away. The little one carried that heart around all weekend long...trying to hold on to the "care" and "nurturing"...and the feeling of "safety" that DT represents to her.

She thinks the heart stone is a part of DT's heart. She holds it and feels how smooth it is, the stone feels cool in her hand. She runs her hands over the pointedness at the bottom of the heart and the smooth roundness at the top. Over and over again, she studies the heart by feeling and holding it. It makes her feel cared for that DT trusted her with the heart stone, it must be important to DT, she's never seen it the stone at her office.

DT also sent an email before she left and little one reads the email over and over every night trying to internalize the words DT wrote.

I know you are trying very hard and every day/night has a new or familiar experience(s) that is filled with pain and promise. "WE" will do our best to be "care-full" of those who need our love, care and listening. I will be nurturing the spirit of my family while I keep you close to my heart. You too will pay attention to the needs of those in your life (outer and inner) and ask for the support of others when needed in the best ways that you can right perfection...just presence and honest effort. Keep the faith...I do and will.

Dear Therapist

Little one loves and misses DT tonight


  1. Dear Gracie,

    I am so glad you have the heart stone to hold on to while DT is away. I am here to give some internet support while she is away.

    Blessings and Safe Hugs to (((Gracie))

  2. Precious ones, I am so glad DT was thoughtful enough to share a reminder of herself until she returns with you all. You clasp that heart and hold on tight until she returns......

    ((((Hugs to all))))