Sunday, August 16, 2009

10pm...Then out goes the "out of office" sign! So "take 2 doses of *work it out* and call me in the morning...if you have too."

My 7 1/2 year old daughter (it's important to include the 1/2 when you're 7) has suddenly become quite high maintenance at night. Last week she piled into my bed on 3 separate occasions. And when she does this, it's not like she sleeps in her own little space, calm and! She tosses and turns and kicks and wraps her arms around me ~ I swear some nights I think she's trying to climb back inside my uterus!

On the nights she doesn't climb into bed with me, she'll wake me up and ask me to "re-tuck" her in. Which is really cute when you speak of it in the daylight, but, at 3am, after an hour of sleep when you're mind is fuzzy from the ativan and seroquel "sleep aids"...not so cute.

DT set the time limitation of 10pm for me about a year ago, and I figure that my "mental" age was about 7 or 8. So after 10, I just have to "deal" with it! I'm wondering....would it be inappropriate to set that same limit for my daughter?

Put the big "CLOSED" sign on the door? Sorry, sista, save it for the morning. Not to early, though! Gotta set the limits or you're never gonna grow up.

Of course I'm joking about telling my daughter I won't *help* her after 10.
I guess I'm just continuing to spit out the bitterness about DT doing that to me!
Angry teenager says, "Told you she're such a dumbass for believing she would be there! HELLO! Just because she was there for 2 years - oh, let me add again...she was doing everything in her power to win over your *trust*...and once she had it - SORRY - the office is now closed!"
I've been there 24-7 for over 7 years- don't you think I can set the 10 pm boundary with her? She has to learn sometime not to count on people.

So, I got my drugged up, dissociative ass out of bed at 3am last night, and "re-tucked" DD back into bed and then stumbled my way back down the hall to my own room to once again enjoy the drive-in horror movies.

No bitterness! It's all part of the MHMP (mental health manipulative process) ~ I'm sure.


  1. Grace, I am glad you are there for your daughter no matter what. A wonderful example you have set.

    Yeah, DT is a different story dear one I am sorry to say. Even though you had it pretty darn rough while she was away, Grace, You Did Make It!! I am proud of you!!!

  2. Hi Grace,

    Your daughter is blessed to have a Mom like you. I don't have kids, but I have a little Papillon who jumps in the bed during thunderstorms because He gets scared.

    Blessings and Safe Hugs,