Monday, August 10, 2009

Hey Blondie - would you like some cheese with that "whine"?

Gawd – stop WHINING you stupid brat! Let’s look at the facts:

Don't you feel worse now than you did before? I know how to help you, you don't need her.

Doesn't the cutting help you? Don't you feel better now? Watch the blood flowing. Look at the color contrast of the dark blood making a river down your pale skin. Beautiful!

I’m here with you so stop whining! Brat! Is she here? No, she isn’t, is she? Just me.

I’ve told you a 1000 times that therapy is a crutch! You don’t need it! She doesn’t really care about you, you know that, right? If she did, she wouldn’t forget about you, she wouldn’t have *changed*. Don’t you see that? She changed because she doesn’t care.

Any *feelings* she expresses to you in the context of a *session* has a logical explanation. It’s her job to show you empathy, emotion…but what you think she *feels* about you in session – well, it isn’t what’s in her heart.

Let me say this to you one more time! Do not let anyone EVER get close enough to hurt you!

OMG! You left her a message that you were going to kill yourself and she didn’t even call you back! That’s “care”? That’s more like, Good God, do it already and stop talking about it! (BTW, if you want or need my help with that, just let me know…I already have it all planned out.)

She knows your ready to suck down a bottle of liquid draino and she leaves for vacation and doesn’t even offer a “check-in”? Yeah, you keep thinking she “cares” about you. Keep the blinders on blondie
Let me say this again: YOU DON’T MATTER! None of us do! We never have and we never will! And if you believe that you do – well, you’re even dumber than I thought.
And yet you continue to think that she “cares” that she can “help” you.
You listen to me little girl, she does not care about you, we pay her to care about you. That’s stupid? Yeah, I agree. In fact, you’re not even worth that!

Stop crying you stupid twit! You know what? I think you should just do it. I mean, really, you know you wouldn’t be missed. Think about someone other than yourself for a change - and what a grand present for her to come home too after vacation. Imagine the sense of relief she would feel. Then she could be “real” and stop pretending to care about the uncarable!

Just stop whining about it and do it already! BABY!


  1. i have a part that sounds just like this! it wants to "protect" me by smashing the needing/vulnerable parts. it's so powerful and familiar that it's hard to imagine life without it.

  2. Hi Gracie,

    Here listening. I hear you saying that you miss your therapist and you are sad that she is away.

    Blessings and Safe Hugs to ((little Gracie)),


  3. Hi eeabee, Interesting you said 'protect'ing part - that's what DT calls her, too. I see her more as this teenage bitch who beats the shit out of the vulnerable, needy, dependable 5 year old. (and I cant talk much about that right now - or I will then be "her" and she brings all the anger in the state with her - and boy am I too tired to fight her tonite)

    Hi Tammy,
    5 year old sad and missing DT...rebellious teenager - just angry at both DT and the 5 year old :-) BUT! I guess it's progress that I even *see* that now, right?
    ~ Gracie