Saturday, August 15, 2009

Everyone has a "fear"....

"I'm like a cockroach," Grace tells DT, "Nothing can kill me."
DT scrunches up her nose, "Eeewwww I hate cockroaches!"

" I know your *fear*... Does that mean you hate me, DT? Since I am a cockroach." Grace asks jokingly.
"Grace, I am in your corner no matter what you tell me, even if you say it interjecting the "F" word no less than 20 times. Just don't throw any cockroaches at me...Seriously!"

Last night I got an email from DT telling me to hang in there....and humorously adding, "More power to the cockroach" is my new motto... (gotta get over my fear?)"

Yes, folks, DT has quite the sense of humor sometimes... (as you may have guessed with her clever "chap my ass" comment). I'm not scared of cockroaches...I had a lifetime of cockroach exposure growing up in a filthy trailor with 2 alcoholic parents.

We all have our fears we have to work on...even my *human* DT...I just hope she isn't planning to use ~exposure therapy~ to get over her fear of cockroaches.

Although, in a sense I guess she is already ~ since I am a I've already told her, nothing can kill me...but turn on the lights and I scurry under the fridge.

Does this mean that DT is the "Roach Whisperer"?


  1. Oh man Grace, I hate them critters also!!!!!! So, DT is not alone!

    Dear one, your post tonight is a bit more uplifting and positive. I am glad to read. Yes, seems DT certainly does have a sense of humor and maybe is relating a little more on a one-on-one personal level.....even though it is about cockroaches. Yuck!!!!

    Unfortunately the cockroaches I encounter in my kitchen once in a while do not scurry under the fridge. But take aim at me running after me while I spray them with the RAID!

  2. see we dont mind cockraoches but masks and bullants woweee we are goin to be freakin

  3. JBR, I just LOL at the thought of you running from the bugs w/a can of RAID. You wouldn't spray me, right?

    Hey there, JIP, I hear ya. I don't much like bugs...but grew up w/roaches- for some reason they don't gross me out, or scare me. Not like spiders and snakes....
    ~ Gracie