Saturday, October 3, 2009

This year for Halloween~ I'm putting aside my jammies and grabbing the habit!

I have decided to dress up for halloween this year. My job on Halloween is to hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters (self-designated ~ it's too cold here on Halloween - I prefer to hand out candy while in the warmth of my own home) and DH takes DS & DD out and about the neighborhood to collect lots of sugary candy.

Usually, usually I just put on my comfy jammies and thick socks rather than an actual "costume". But this year, I have decided to play things out a little differently. I am trading in my 'usual' jammies and grabbing the habit!

This Halloween I am going to dress up like: MARSHA, MARSHA, MARSHA!!! The "Mindfulness Monster"....The Flying Nun...The Queen of Containment!

I am also going to be "MINDFULL" of not contributing to the obesity and tooth decay of our children, so I've decided not to hand out candy this year. This year I'm going to fill my halloween treat basket with:
* Index cards listing distraction ideas & mindfulness exercises

* Diary cards

* Tiny little buckets with 'labels' in which to place your *feelings*

* Miniature Marsha Linehan bobbleheads to keep away the 'bad place'

I wish you would have thought of it too...But we can't "ALL" be Marsha!
But you can ALL join me in the 'Batty Bitch Bash'... I meant to say the*Mindfull Monster Mash*~whoops ~ I should be more 'mindful' of my thoughts flying out on paper...if you don't mind, you can just throw all that into the giant pink bucket labeled PAG expressing (but not *attaching*to) her feelings of sarcasm...leave off the lid though - I have a feeling she isn't finished expressing her thoughts...


  1. Oh, honey! Ain't no way in hell you could ever look like Marsha. And aren't you glad?

    (And Marsha bobbleheads would scare the neighbor children half to death. She's about nasty.)