Tuesday, October 20, 2009

If I were a character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I would definately be Veruca Salt...

Veruca Salt - A spoiled brat. Veruca demands anything she wants and throws tantrums until her parents meet her demands. She is mean and completely self-involved, and her parents always acquiesce to her wishes. Veruca’s impetuousness causes her trouble at the factory. She demands to own one of Wonka’s trained squirrels, but when she marches in to claim it, it deems her a “bad nut” and sends her down the garbage chute. Mingled with garbage, she comes out changed at the end of the story.

Grace - A spoiled brat.  Grace makes unreasonalbe demands on DT and throws 3 year old temper tantrums because she doesn't get her way.  She is mean and arrogant, never taking anyone's feelings into consideration but her own...and DT is tired of her self-absorbed nature and is trying to teach her that she is not all that...with her 'boundaries'.  She, like Veruca is a 'bad nut" as in 'head case' - and should also be sent down the garbage chute to mingle with her own kind (garbage).  I don't know how Grace's story will end...but I'm pretty sure who it will end without.

Veruca Salt: Daddy, I want a squirrel. Get me one of those squirrels, I want one!

Mr. Salt: Veruca dear, you have many marvelous pets.
Veruca Salt: All I've got at home is one pony and two dogs and four cats and six bunny rabbits and two parakeets and three canaries and a green parrot and a turtle, and a silly old hamster! I WANT a SQUIRREL!
Mr. Salt: All right, pet. Daddy'll get you a squirrel just as soon as he possibly can.
Veruca Salt: But I don't want any old squirrel! I want a *trained* squirrel!
Mr. Salt: [wearily] Very well. Mr. Wonka? How much do you want for one of these squirrels? Name your price.
Willy Wonka: Oh they're not for sale. She can't have one.
Veruca Salt: Daddy!
Willy Wonka: [imitating Mr. Salt] I'm sorry, darling. Mr. Wonka's being unreasonable.


  1. You are soooooo not Veruca. I think you know that this latest thing is about a certain someone's problem with honesty... not about you being spoiled. You're not spoiled.