Sunday, October 18, 2009

For me there is no escape ~ the box is to protect you...

Little girl, I have made you lovely box
Delicate pink with with shiny golden lines
It’s a hiding place for your memories
I cannot be with you all of the time

Put your emotions in the bottle
Put your bottle in this box
Little girl – its what’s safest
Disobey me you best not

Where is the tiny little key
That fits the iron arms of the lock
Why I swallowed that key long ago
While the demons around me mocked

Little girl can you stop it
Repress it before it drowns you
Can you listen to your soothing music
Wrap up in your blanket of blue

There used to be a spare key
But I have lost that one too
Now there is no way to contain this
and you have bid me adieu


  1. Love this above!
    Thanks for looking for me. I know I havnt been around alot. Ive found it hard lately to find it in myself to know what to say. Its rather confusing for me sometimes. I still read the blogs and stuff I follow. I just dont make much comments b/c I am on one of those boats where little is said but much is deeply felt.

  2. You need a good locksmith - someone who can open the lock. The things you have locked inside are not all scary and ugly. Some of the things are beautiful and should be seen. I want to see them. Don't you?

  3. Sapphire, Good to see you again. I understand the need to feel without speaking.

    I thought I had one. Turns out I was wrong. Do I want to see them? Yeah, safely - because they don't go away when I try to ignore them...but I feel a bit retraumatized at the moment.