Monday, October 26, 2009

Um...Hello ~ I wasn't looking for a pen-pal

The Therapist popped out of the box on Friday night (HA! A “Therapist” in a Box) to tell me that she cannot support me ‘via the internet’ – and I needed to call and make an appointment and let her know what I wanted to do since I haven’t been to see her in a couple of weeks, nor have I talked to her since she called me Veruca Salt.

The Therapist: I am hoping that this email finds you ok and managing your struggles skillfully and compassionately. Since our last session, I am still unclear as to what your intentions are re: our work together. It is ultimately up to you as to whether you are content with your life and healing at this point or you what something different for yourself, which in "our" case includes our therapeutic relationship/contract/goals. In either case, it is most prudent that you and I have a face to face discussion about your needs and decision at this time. In addition, in keeping with good clinical and ethical conscience, I can not continue to engage in emailing without continued appropriate in-office sessions and agreed upon goals, etc. I hope that you can understand that I would like to find a way for us to continue to work together toward your "rebuilding" and "healing", and it can not solely occur over the internet. I ask that you strongly consider what I am asking and that you give me a call to schedule a session during the week of Nov 2nd.


I did not miss an appointment EVER until you put on the Marsha Suit and ordered buckets from OVERSTOCK.COM! I don’t need your help to “STORE” things, my dear therapist! I have plenty of storage space and am quite educated on how the storage process works.

Newsflash!  I was not looking for a pen-pal! I was looking for someone to provide guidance, compassion, support and validation while I try to fight my way through all of this. But, as usual, my communication skills must really SUCK since you obviously thought I was looking for a pen-pal and an abundant supply of buckets.


  1. Oh, Grace. this is awful. What will you do now?

  2. Tonight? Cry, scream, yell 'it's not fair' and it sux...and then tomorrow, pick myself up and start all over again...I'm used to that. No one has ever told me there's another way....

  3. (((((((((HUGS))))))))))
    I don't know the circomstances but hoping that if you're comfortable enough with her that you'll call her and schedule a session?
    If not, I sincerely hope you'll find a therapist that you can work this through with.