Saturday, October 17, 2009

There's a *HOLE* in my Bucket! So I'm sorry if my badness contaminated you last night!

I tried to contain it all in my bucket but my bucket has a hole in it and all the *BADNESS* is leaking out! I am now in search of a bucket repair system so I can keep everything properly stored and contained so as not to bother anyone with my pain and badness.

I am sorry for the dissocation and the visable badness that leaked through the hole last night. The duct tape clearly is not as strong as they I do hope I can find that bucket repair kit today so you will never have to see the badness and filth again.

I hope that I did not traumatize you too badly with my badness and I hope that you will forgive me for showing it to you. I do know how horribly traumatizing even hearing about my badness can be...which is why I tried so hard to keep it in the bucket.

I'm sorry for the frustration and pain I caused you and I will do my best to repair the bucket, using the tools you tried so diligently to teach me, and you will never have to be exposed to Gracie's badness again. Promise!


  1. Let it all spill - you don't need that inside you.

  2. Back to you... ((LYNN))

    Yeah, I sort of spilled it on the wrong person.