Tuesday, October 13, 2009

He Changed his racist/sexist mind? NOW he willing to talk to a woman?

Some men just do not understand that my uterus does not interfere with my brain when it comes to making high-quality business decisions. And from time to time I feel the need to clarify this as well as provide examples of my exemplary professional communication skills no matter which stage of the menstrual cycle I might find myself in. However, I recognize that there are still those who will not accept that a woman or a minority can ‘talk the talk’. I do not take this personal as I understand that prejudices exist in this world today and that people who hold these prejudices are imprudent and foolish. I will not tell them to ‘contain’ their prejudices because frankly I would rather be aware of what I am facing with respect to their thoughts and beliefs. And perhaps it is better for them to express how they feel as containing it might eventually send them on some chauvinistic, narrow-minded rampage down the road, hurting people with their actions and not by expressing their feelings and beliefs. I am okay with this. I acknowledge that this world is not fair and is full of injustice.

In August I had a personal experience with prejudice when I was told that a client would not meet with me because I am a woman and would, “Show women the door so the men can talk business”. I found myself wondering if what kind of *business* they would be discussing (?)

If you missed it, you can read about it here:

Last week, the same man who told me that this particular client had a “no uterus” policy approached me again and asked me if I would reconsider meeting with this client. I suppose after 2 months worth of dick measuring and no business agreement he realized that even though I lacked the anatomy requirement I am STILL the best (wo)man for the job. I would guess the only (wo)man for the job….

I thought about how I would respond to this request…and at first I thought I could go and wear a tie ~ that would perhaps give this client some sense of comfort, thinking that perchance I was a man, after all. But then I came to the realization that they would probably still identify me as female, just perhaps think I am Diane Keaton or Avril Lavigne. So I decided that the best approach to take was to be up front and honest and tell him I am not comfortable visiting this client…. Hey – I have cramps!

Yes, I am a woman. But that alone does not define me. I am a strong, intelligent, educated, quick-witted, wise, warm-hearted, compassionate woman ~ mother, wife, friend, executive...and survivor. And if you cannot accept that ~ that is not my problem.... you will not break me.

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  1. Serves him right not to have access to the best person for the job. He sounds like a total jerk.