Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sunrise...Sunrise...looks like morning in your eyes...

It's really come to "light" for me how much a lot of people struggle with sleep.  I know I do...more often than not.  For a variety of reasons, one being I'm afraid of sleep because of the nightmares and I can't be "on guard" and protect myself (an irrational fear, I get that ~ but try to tell the 5 year old it's irrational)...but a friend of mine recently let me borrow her 'bad-ass' Rambo and that has seemed to help some.

My friend, the one who loaned me Rambo to watch over me while I sleep - well, she has "sleep issues" too - and she mentioned to me that she never sees the sunrise.  So, this morning, on my way to work, I noticed how brilliant the sunrise was and I wanted her to see it.  Since she was sleeping, well, and she lives 1500 miles away from me, I thought the best way to show her the sunrise was here.  The photos aren't the best since I snapped them with a phone camera, and while driving...but it's still the sunrise.

So, here you are, my friend, the sunrise through my eyes this morning...


  1. Aw, Grace. That's beautiful on so many levels. I'm exhausted right now because I had to wake up earlier than usual, yet I still could not get to bed at a decent hour. Tonight I might have to try to sleep before morning, as hard as that is. I can't see the beauty of the sunrise from inside the house, but the little one knows morning is safe for sleeping. Maybe tonight I will come and show her the sunrise over here and see if that helps me knock off early. One can always hope.

  2. Sometimes "hope" is all we have, and it's hard as hell to hold on too...but we're stronger then them. And sometimes it is only the beauty of a sunrise, or a child who tells us we are loved and the "best mommy in the world" that gets us through another day.
    But we get through it - holding on to the *hope* of seeing another sunrise or sunset, and hearing the words and laughter of our children and friends telling us that we do matter and we are loved. Even if it only takes away the pain for a while...
    (((HUGS)))...and I hope you can get some rest and a minute of peace today.