Wednesday, October 14, 2009

But what if I can't see your light?

what if I don't know where to find you?
What if I no longer see you?
And I can't find "YOU" where and who you were.
The 5 year old cries for you every single night?
But we push her away because we know you're no longer here.

We can no longer see your light.
It's not there anymore.
And we miss the old "you"
We miss you!
Athe 5 year old ACHES for you
...but we don't believe you even exist anymore....

What does it all mean anyway?
This is no different than when we were 5 or 10 years old.

We miss you and we love you...but you no longer exist 'here' in our world....
You left us here....and you aren't here anymore
...we can't see your light.
We miss you every day....but we don't see your light....
Can't see it now...DT. So we cry and struggle and fight...
but we do it in silence - just like we did then...because we cannot find "you" anymore.


  1. It hurts when real people disappear and leave only buckets, diary cards and contracts in the spot where they once stood. I have a gift for you. I'm going to root aound on the 'net tonight until I find the best presentation of it available.

  2. Yeah...I'm struggling.
    But your gift was the best!
    I was laughing and crying at the same tiem!