Monday, October 12, 2009

Let's go live to Saving Grace for a special "Good Enough" update...

Gratitude and thankfulness can lighten the spirit.

I have strong feelings of gratitude tonight…thankful for those in my life that understand me and support me as I am, through both the good times and the bad times. The winds have calmed for a time of respite…however brief it may be, it is at least a moment to catch my breath and give thanks to my friends who have supported me, and a few who have carried me…helping me get to this ‘place’…the place I am in right now, in the present moment…

My children… They think I’m pretty damn cool ~ but they also think the same of Spongebob…so I’m not really sure what that means…but they are the reason I live and they give me the drive to continue to try to be a better mother. It is through their love of me that I will someday find love for myself.

My dear friend “P” who is always there for me no matter what I tell her. P texts me every evening to tell me she loves me and she hopes I sleep well…she brings me diet coke and cherry limeades from Sonic (my favorite) when I am often unable to get out of the office for lunch. P texts me in the morning just to ask how I am doing…if I slept well. She understands when I am not feeling ‘well’ and she never pressures me to talk when I cannot, but will always be there when I find the words to share. She loves unconditionally.

Dearest friend “L” who brings me laughter and understanding…oh, and rock candy (Pink – of course). She makes me laugh with her facial expressions, and amuses me with her directness and sense of humor. The friendship “L” and I share is one of understanding and acceptance. And even though she is “EMO” and I am “Preppy” (according to the wacky facebook quizzes) ~ She is beautiful both inside and out. And I feel at home when we are together.

Pretty “LuJ” who in 6 months has not once forgotten to text me every night at 9:30 to take my meds and go to bed (even though I have not followed her directive in over 4 ~ she has no idea). Thank you for being so diligent!

My sister AL ~ Always in my heart... I love her unconditionally (We signed up for this! Never forget that!)

The world’s greatest administrative professional…who has worked for me for 3 years, despite the previous owner of that position calling me a bitch. She takes care of me above and beyond the call of duty time after time. Her ability to read me when I walk by her desk in the morning is, well, kind of scary…and when the morning meter registers ‘defcon red’ ~ she guards my door, keeps me organized, and always has my back. She makes my travel plans and she even follows up to make sure I get where I'm going safely. She made me a pink princess fly swatter to swat psycho-co-worker when he comes near and the last time I traveled, she taped a little pink heart on the inside of the envelope where she stored my boarding passes. I adore her and am so blessed to have her in my life.

Kind young K ~ always there with a listening ‘ear’ ~ she never makes me feel pressured to say anything at all, but will check in with me if she doesn’t hear from me in a week…”Grace, I just wanted you to know I’m here. No pressure to talk or respond, but I’m here if you want to talk….”

Dearest Lynn ~ I see so much goodness and strength in you. A kindness shared through your words of encouragement that only someone who has walked this journey can offer. The warmth and acceptance you to give to me through your friendship have given me something I don’t think I’ve ever had before…something that I, the queen of written expression, cannot express. Your ability to read my words and understand, through your own experience, how to respond, is truly a gift. And our common humor and sarcasm…I have met me match! And I am still, oh, so grateful, that that midnight phone call was ADT and not the “feelings police” :-)

All my blog friends who continue to support me and help me pick myself up…those who offer kindness and acceptance and those to tell me to cut the shit and pull it together.

And I also need to pay gratitude to DT – no matter how many times we struggle and butt heads…she is by far the most patient woman I have ever met.

…it’s all about the climb!

This is Saving Grace signing off on day 9 of alcohol free, self-injury free & complete medication compliance...with all my grateful heart

THIS POST HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO YOU LIVE from the United States of Grace…the land of the Abused and Contained!

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  1. Let me know if those feelings police ever show up and we'll give 'em the what for. They don't stand a chance against the likes of us.



    You are a very special lady. I hope you know that.