Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trust ~ no more...

I wonder why you don't see it
See these tears streaming down my face
Just a reminder of these failures
Every single fall from grace

I wonder if you will read this
Leave me a comment, or two
Tell me that it's all my fault
The blame never seems to rest on you

I wonder if you actually heard me
When I I told you, when I said it all
I actually did mean it, but I'm out of words
Echoing in my head, the names they call

I wonder if you hate me
Just a little bit
Think about it hard enough
I'm sure that's the nerve I've hit

I don't blame you, no
I hate me too
I'm pretty sure I told you
That by the end that's what you would do

Sometimes we learn the hard way
Then we write about those times
The times when tears weren't visible on our faces
And upon our wrists weren't crimes

But it's obvious that you won't read this
If you do, I'll never know
I hope that somewhere out there
You'll see this is as low as I go

Just one more word of wisdom
For this clock is running out
You were the last one to trust
I know now that time has run out

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