Friday, March 13, 2009

SEE ME....

See Me
Look at me!
Look and see me and who I am.
Have I not made it visible to the world yet?
Can no one see my hurt, my shame?
My anger, my fear?
My Mistrust...
Should I strive harder to help you see my world?

Hear Me!
Someone please...
I am screaming for you,
Can't you look into my eyes?
Can't you see the lost girl?
Everyday, it grows,
Everyday, it gets easier,
Everyday, I care less,
Everyday, I grow weary...
And everyday, my want, my wish, for hope disintegrates.
For you saw me and I was a disappointment
You looked at me and saw my shame
Don't look at me, don't listen to me.
Do not read my words for what they really mean.

Let me go!
Let me disappear....
Never to be seen again.....

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