Thursday, March 26, 2009

Each day...I defeat you!

Each morning I wake
Each day I live
Each night I sleep
Is one more day that I defeat you!

Each moment through this fear
Each step that I take here
Is one more way you lose a part of me ~
A part of me that you stole!

Each time I take back a part
Each time I repair something you broke
Is one more what I show myself that I will not be beaten!
My heart continues to beat,
Blood continues to pump through my veins
And each day I continue this journey
Every single day I breathe...
Is one more way I defeat you!


  1. Amen! Powerful words to regain what was lost.

  2. trying to speak it into "reality".... Do you think it's possible, to 'regain' the lost? Or do you just have to accept what will never be?
    The answer to that question pounds assaults my mind constantly)
    Be well