Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Can someone tell me what it's like? I need to know...

To just be held one time
To feel a mother's arms wrapped around me
To be surrounding by love and tenderness
Is all I have ever longed for
All those little girls out there
That know what it's like to be held
Please tell me about the warmth
Please tell me about the safety
Tell me what it's like to just be held
How it feels to lay your head on her chest
And to hear her heart beating
How does it feel to cuddle close to her
And to fall asleep in the arms of love
I've never felt any of this
I've never had a mother's arms of comfort
I don't know the safety of those arms
All I have ever wanted
Is to just be held by her
Whether it be as I cry heavy tears of sorrow
Or I am scared, and just need to feel safe
Or maybe just to fall fast asleep
And to know she will be there when I wake
The little girl inside of me
As well as the grown woman
Just longs to be held...

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