Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Reached out to express my 'feelings'

I contacted DT to tell her I was angry about the situation @ DBT.
1. I don't understand why she told another 'client' that I was in the class
(she denied doing this - but then added that due to patient/dr confidentiality she couldn't speak of this further - basically, it's none of my business)
2. If she wanted to talk to DBTC about her 'structure and approach' and my 'class member' signed release why would she need me to sign one.
(again, she pulled the ole' pt/dr confidentiality - she didn't 'remember' if she had one on file or not - but wants one for each patient) Hum....

Of course she said, "We should explore this further in Thursday's session.... Yes, DT, we sure should, should I make the check directly out to HONDA this week? That way you'll get a tax break!


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