Sunday, March 22, 2009

My mother said I wasn't "Good Enough", Dear Therapist said she was wrong.... I AM Good Enough!

I Wrote to my mother:
Your words cut through me like knives, shattering my soul,
I could feel my insides bleeding, as you sat there not seeming to know that you have hurt me at all.
People speak so greatly of a mothers love, but I guess I didn't deserve that, I guess I wasn't good enough. What did I do, tell me why I was never worthy of your love?
Do you see my heart barely beating that lies on the ground before you?
Do you see it? Do you see the cuts from the knives you have thrown? Do you see my heart as it begins to beat faster, trying to get your attention, trying to show that it's in dire need of repair?
Look back, do you see what you have missed?
It was your daughter's dead heart that you walked upon back there.
It was your daughter's screams that you chose not to hear.
Now it's too late.

Dear Therapist answered:
You did nothing wrong little Grace. Your mother was incapable of giving you the love you needed and deserved, it had nothing to do with your "worth". Little girls are always "good enough" because they are innocent and come into the world with hearts full of energy and open to the world. Your mother deserves your anger, not the little Gracie.

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