Friday, March 27, 2009

Victory is *his* ~ I am no more...

Late nights seep into me like the silence that screams from the sky.
Drenched in questions, I wish to be dried in the answers, but there’s never enough shelter from the rain.
The deader the heart, the louder the beating.
The ringing in my ears, the sounds of what it was to be alive, resonates through the chaos in my wake.

Wings spread, black feathers reaching one hundred feet high, the ground echoes my name and feeds upon its nightmares.
I see the rage in the grey face of my past.
The demon looks at me with hollowed black eyes.
His focus is on me, the razors mounted, the venom poised.

The start of the end is here.
The wall that surrounds me is now a broken dam.
The blood and blackness stick to me like molten glass.
The screams from my truth is heard worlds away, the pain now past words.

The fire raining from the demon’s mouth scalds away my skin, bleaches my bones and buries my soul.
There’s nothing left.

The demon now sits aloft over his dynasty.
Alone and smiling.
Victory is his – he has won.
I am no more

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