Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I am not afraid of the dark anymore

I remember as a child
I wanted a nightlight because the darkness was frightening and forbidding
But then you showed me that there are more terrifying things than darkness

I remember as a child
I used to pull the covers up at night glaring at the closet afraid of the boogey man
My small body would tremble as I waited in the darkness…certain that an ominous presence was watching
But then you taught me that there are things more evil than the boogie man
… and they don't hide in closets

I remember as a child
Walking in the rain and the sight of a small slug, slimy and slick on the sidewalk was enough to paralyze me in disgust
But then I was left alone with you and I discovered that there are things much more disgusting than a slug

You left me in the dark with no light switch
You taught me to watch for monsters in the daylight
You held my face so I couldn't escape
You were the thief in the night stealing from me what I didn't know I had
Robbing me of the entitlement of innocence, feelings of safety and trust

Labeled a "survivor",
You left your oppressive sun burning in my sky
But at least I'm not afraid of the dark anymore

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