Monday, November 2, 2009

I do not have "issues" I have VOLUMES

Let me just speak this (and of course probably take it down later when the shuttle lands....)
I am not you.  You are not me.  I cannot speak for you, judge you, or tell you what you should or should not do as it relates to you and your 'process'.

But I will no longer be controlled by anyone, nor will I be forced to participate in anything I do not believe in.  I will NOT be just another pathetic sheep following the herd!  I will not eat another bowl of onions!  And should you choose to go and live on the compound of Shut Up and behave or become a Buddist Monk - feel free - I'll throw you a going away party but I will NOT join you! 

I can 'manage' my own 'symptoms' - and I do not need your buckets.  I am truly sorry that I am a *shit creek* survivor and my pre-existing condition and manipulative botttomless pit of wants and needs have injured you emotionally.  Had I realized my *illness* was viral and not bacterial in nature I would have made it a point to be more cautious.

For the record, the drugs you precribe are really just alcohol and dissociation in a bottle.  And I would be willing to bet the farm that my bartender can beat up your obese nun any day of the week. 

I seriously doubt my current disdain for food, and need to control what goes into my body is any different than the obese nun forcing food down her turkey neck!  In fact, I've been starving the past 3 weeks because she keeps eating all the GD food I put in my "BUCKET"!  Cow!

And, no, I have not been the same since that house fell on my sister, but I am heavily medicated for your safety.

And now that that's out there...I will now place my anger back into the bucket and head down the yellow brick road in search of the land of Oz!

Good day!

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