Thursday, November 26, 2009

She never cried...neither did I

Tonight the hus and I somehow stumbled onto the topic of the host body.  I don't exactly remember how it caome up...something about parents fighting in front of their children.  He told me that he had seen his parents argue in front of him 1 time.

And I told him I don't remember a night when the host body and the man whore did not fight.  And not the 'it's your turn to do the dishes fighting.  One afternoon, my brothers and I walked into the fight of all fights.  The SF had the host body face down in the trash can and was beating her in the head with a dark eyes vodka bottle (which were glass then, not plastic).  There was blood everywhere and I thought sure she was dead.  She wasn't.

I witnessed them arguing and physically fighting every single day...she never cried.  The host body never cried.  I remember seeing my mother cry only one time my entire childhood - and that was when Elvis Presley died! 

When he beat me I didn't cry either.  Crying meant I would be beaten worse ~ or he would win. 
I never cried.


  1. I think it's terrible that you had to witness and endure so much violence.

  2. you know...altho - not nearly as terrible as watching the neighbors witness it too...