Thursday, February 26, 2009


I seem to have a lot of animosity directed toward Marsha Linehan. I think this animosity is a result of several things.
First, and foremost, I don’t agree with DBT. I think it’s basically an expensive way to teach people to shut up and behave by utilizing basic common sense techniques, and adding philosophy and theology – filled with riddles and contradictions. And I find it almost funny, in a ‘DBT half-smile’ kind of way, that Ms. Linehan was never abused, never married, never had children, and was a NUN. And she’s going to teach me how to deal with “pressure”? Come on! I suppose it’s easy for her to “mindfully” wash a dish since she lives alone, I mean, she’s as dry as a bone that has been aged in the desert, so although she claims to be an *expert* in ‘interpersonal skills’, I’m guessing she doesn’t have many friends knocking down her door for companionship and conversation. Now, those of us who have a job, children that need help with homework, dinner to cook, a husband to ‘cater’ too, a house to be cleaned…well, speaking for myself, I really don’t have much time to *mindfully* wash a dish. And anyway, isn’t that why the dishwasher was invented?
And of course the MHPs bought it! It’s packed full of philosophical and spiritual bullshit ~ such a simple, simple program, but so convoluted – Wow! It must be really GREAT!

The sound of her voice, and the hair barrette, my God the hair barrette, it’s like fingernails down a chalkboard for me! But I committed to the DBT classes, and since I gave my word, I will “mindfully” finish the classes. And I will do it for 2 reasons:
I gave my word
The humor I take away from the classes each week, and it is substantial!
But no one will EVER convince me that DBT is anything other than a philosophized, spiritual program to teach COMMON SENSE!

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