Wednesday, February 4, 2009

5 days later? Seriously!

5 days ago I sent an email, followed by a voicemail to my dear therapist, asking for an extra session to talk about the "communication" barrier we seem to be experiencing. 5 days LATER she FINALLY responded, and said this, via email, "I enourage you to bring this to our session for further exploration and understanding." WTF???
5 days later???? I told her 5 days ago that I WANTED to talk to her prior to the "session" because I did not want to be "frustrated" for a week.
When she didn't respond in 3 days of my request, which I thought was very generous, since her voicemail says she'll return calls within 24 hours, I cancelled my appointment for this week.
Again, she obviously does NOT listen to me, since she "assumed" we had an appointment scheduled.
Last night, once again, my frustration with her *deafness* and lack of understanding was bubbling over like a volcano! I emailed her back and told her "WE" did not have a session scheduled, I had cancelled that appointment, and that I have no intention of rescheduling an appointment with her as I interpreted her nonresponsiveness to mean my "feelings" didn't matter.
I'm not sure why there is this gaping chasm between where she stands and where I stand after we have worked together for 3 years, but it's there - and I will not continue to be frustrated and PAY her to be nonresponsive.
I appreciate the therapist she "WAS" and I should appreciate her recent lack of communication and complete disregard for my feelings now, as well - since it has given me an even greater understanding of why I RAN away from the mental health system when I was 19 years old - and never went back!
I am so done with her!

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