Monday, February 2, 2009


I am supposed to go to my first DBT class tonight.

For months my therapist has pushed these classes to the point where she pretty much only speaks "DBT" mantra and I have no clue what she's even saying.

So, here's a question that has been burning in my mind since I began researching this:
Two years ago, Dear Therapist told me to become "real", and that it was "ok" to express my feelings. Now I have to push them away in DBT? Talk about "dialectical"! First they tell you to "FEEL" then they tell you "NOT" to feel. WHICH IS IT?????

Dialectical: devoted to, or employing

Behavioral: the manner of conducting oneself

Therapy: treatement, esp of bodily, mentally, or behavioral disorder

I hate the word: "DISORDER"!

So a DBT song for all who visit... ENJOY!
...sometimes I get mad, and sometimes I get sad....but I use my "push away" and now I'm feeling safe............. I push away....every day...cause I use my therapy to get through the day, but ya'll don't hear what I say. DBT - don't you know what it means...........

Well, I think DBT means this: A program designed to help you forget and push away all your therapist has wanted to you to remember and *FEEL* but now it has become too much for her - so DBT will help you put the lid back onto pandora's box so you can successfully deal with life.

And...what the hell is a "half-smile" anyway???

WOW! I feel better already!


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