Thursday, February 5, 2009

Grace's thoughts on "Why people become psychologists"

Of course I'm not *allowed* to know anything "personal" about 'dear therapist' - but I have come up with my own reasons.... which are:
I think people choose to become therapists because they want to help people - well, at least on the surface. But I think what 'we' need to look at is what is the desire 'under the surface'. Let's peel back the layers, shall we?
Under the surface of these 'professionals' is a confused self image - and a desire to find themselves...through the intimate lives of other people (patients). Underneath that empathetic, helping, armour - is someone who is just as afraid of intimacy as I am! Someone just as afraid of taking of the mask, of revealing too much of herself for fear of REJECTION!
See, I believe it's easier to have a one-sided relationship because you don't have to reveal who you really are, deep down inside. You can have the power over someone being 'dependent' on you, of someone 'needing' you. A way to 'feel' needed and loved but not having to give love in return. A way to feel wanted and needed without wanting or needing in return.
It must be so validating to have people trust you so completely they share their intimate thoughts and feelings with you, tell you things they've never spoken of to another human being, words never before spoken aloud. How powerful that must feel to be able to tell a poor, dependent client ONLY what you want them to know, offer just enough to keep them coming back - because of course, now they trust you, they depend on you.
And once you earn that trust, you hold all the cards, you make the decisions!
How powerful you must feel, "dear therapist" when a 'trusting' client is in pain, and needs your help, but you CHOOSE not to call her back!!!!!!!

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