Wednesday, February 4, 2009

That will be $150.00 Please.....

Somehow lately I have the feeling that I should get half off of my therapy sessions!
Why the hell am I paying $150.00/hour to "argue" and be "frustrated" with my therapist every week! Hell- I have a husband and 2 children I can be frustrated and arugmentative with FOR FREE!
And I've asked 2 other therapists, and I get the same answer, "It's a *normal* part of the therapeutic relationship".
Right - normal!
Normal for your therapist to have blurred boundaries, a non-specific treatment plan, an attitude of "well, I'll call you back if I FEEL LIKE IT!" Yes, that seems perfectly normal for me - hell, I was born in the land of confusion and I have no idea where the fuck she's coming from!
In fact, I think she has more personalities than I do!
And I am extremely frustrated and angry.
I may have been "healthier" before I started this "process"

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