Sunday, April 5, 2009

SEE HER! Give her peace...

See this child's pain
Look upon the branded flesh that scars her body
Hear this child's screams
Listen to the whispers that fill her nightmares
Feel this child's tears
Touch the essence of innocence that falls from her soul
Hold this child's hand
Embrace the storm that devastates her heart
Validate this child's sorrow
Silence the rage that consumes her soul...
Give her peace


  1. This is perfect timing for your powerful post. April is not only Child Abuse Prevention Month, it is also Poetry Month. Thanks for your courage in sharing.

  2. Thank you for saying I have "courage"...some days it's difficult to see that :-)

    I did know that it was CAPM - but wasn't aware it was "poetry month" too!

    I'll try to post more poetry this month...