Friday, April 24, 2009

Emotion Regulation ~ Know Your Number...It could save your life!

The emotion regulation number, which can only be found in the ‘official DBT manual’, is a number between zero and 100 that represents the ideal number when the sympathetic and parasympathetic sides of your nervous system collide. In order to maintain the synthesis (or in DBT terms ~ the “dialectic”) between the two it is important to be aware of your number and at what point your frontal lobe stops working and you enter ‘fight or flight’ mode. Keep in mind that this number differs by individual.

Most of you know what I mean by ‘fight/flight’ mode. This is where your heart rate increases, as do your respiration and blood pressure, your pupils dilate and you may find yourself sweating and nauseous. It is at this point many mental patients will disassociate and enter into self destructive mode which has and can result in behavior that is frowned upon by the MHPs. Some examples include: excessive drinking, self harm (cutting/burning), suicidal thoughts, drunk dialing or emailing, or a variety of other behaviors *cough cough* that are inappropriate in the normalcy of society.

For example, if you awake to find yourself on the cold bathroom tiled floor with a razor blade loosely gripped in one hand, an empty bottle of scotch and surrounded by blood, with no recollection of what happened, you neglected to recognize your number. You missed your chance to regulate your emotions and avoid self destructive behavior (behavior that could send you straight to the loony bin should your T become aware!). Especially if you review your email/text messaging and find that your play by play has been ‘officially’ recorded.

Do you feel like your life is unmanageable? (If not to you, to a close friend, partner, perhaps a trusted member of the MHP family?) Do you find yourself with more external than internal scars? Do you suffer from body memories, flashbacks from the past and a general sense of feeling ‘unsafe’?

If you answered yes to even one of the above questions, Emotion regulation is for you!
Your day, your emotion regulation number~ you get to decide: Your ideal emotion regulation number accounts for your individual acceptance of your past and your ability to keep yourself safe. By recognizing your number, you’ll find yourself feeling much more in control of yourself and your emotions. By recognizing this number you will know when you reach the point where you must utilize the skills you have learned in DBT class to regulate your own emotions, or reach out to a friend, a crisis hot line, or your own dear therapist (on the later, it must be before 10) but there are some 24 hours crisis lines….and of course the ER is always open 24/7.

SOME TESTIMONIALS for our 24 week program:

I suffered for years with self-destructive behavior and one night during a bout of insomnia, I saw the commercial for the ‘emotion regulation’ program and I thought, “Why not!?”. It was only a 24 week commitment and around $2000.00 ~ so what did I have to lose? I admit that my life was unmanageable before ‘emotion regulation’ but due to the constant flashbacks and body sensations I was having, I wasn’t able to exit fight/flight mode long enough to be rational. Now, I’m a cynical person, but I tried this program and it worked! I now know that I must pop in an Adam Sandler video when I start to feel anxious. I endorse the program 100%!
I’m a 52 ~ Molly (PTSD, clinical depression, general anxiety disorder)

WOW! A friend of mine told me about the ‘emotion regulation’ program and I tried it…and I had complete relief 24 weeks. It works THAT FAST! It has changed my life! I now keep a list of ‘emotion regulating’ suggestions in my back pocket and if my heart rate gets above 70, I whip that list out and within 10 minutes I’m ‘grounded’.
I’m a 49 ~ Trisha (Depression/Anxiety)

I have suffered from self destructive behavior and suicidal thoughts for years! I thought I went from 0-95 in 2 minutes! But now that I have ‘emotion regulation’ I realize that I must call a friend, or a crisis hot line BEFORE I take out the razor! I am proof that this program works! I have chamomile tea bags all over the house and when I feel my father’s body invading mine, I just whip out a tea bag, heat some water….and just like that – I am back down under 50. Thank you Marsha for marketing this program. It is truly a lifesaver! I haven't been arrested once since completing this program!
I’m a 63 ~ Amelia (PTSD, CSA survivor, ED, SIB, SI, ETOH abuse)

I tried to kill myself 3 times and my therapist recommended the ‘emotion regulation’ program. Now when I feel my depression overtaking me, and I want to swallow 100 sleeping pills, I just take out a meditation CD and do some stretches, while burning ‘relaxing’ incense. I have been on this program for nearly a year and I have not been forced into IP once since beginning the program. It works!
I’m a 68 ~ Lisa (depression, DID, SI, SIB)

Before I tried ‘emotion regulation’ my ‘emotional reaction would disrupt my cognitive processing and I was unable to self-soothe. I was in a continuous heightened state of arousal. My emotions were out of control and I was unable to tolerate distress. I ran from relationship to relationship, slept with more men than I can count, and spent my annual salary x2 in 4 months! And what did I have to show for it? 2 STDs, an unwanted pregnancy, credit card debt that I wasn’t able to pay, and loneliness and self-loathing… But NO MORE! Now I am able to identify my emotions before they become out of control and I end up in bed with some ogre only to hate myself in the morning. I am ‘emotionally regulated’ and it feels invigorating! I only wish I had known about this program before!
I’m a 76 ~ Lynn (BPD, depression, bi-polar)

Try our 24 week emotion regulation program today…if it doesn’t save you at least 1 emergency room visit, 10 bucks on band-aids, a ruptured esophagus, and 10 calls a week to a therapist or a crisis hot line…we’ll gladly refund your money! Order now and we’ll throw in a 4 ounce bottle of scar reducing cream and you’ll be wearing short sleeves by summer without embarrassing questions about your scars!


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