Thursday, April 9, 2009

Can anyone see this little girl's pain?

The little girl inside of me bleeds pain and tears
From things never spoken of, that went on for years
Lies were told, reality bent
The 'truth' hidden, she had to relent
She hid the pain, it must never be seen
Not by anyone~they would think her unclean
She ached for love, a caring touch
She would never have that, she's not good enough
The words they told her, echoed inside
Filled with despair, she knew she must hide
Words, "worthless, unlovable" repeat in her head
She cries and screams at night in her bed
No one could hear her, or was she just ignored
In response to her screaming, they all closed their doors
Years have passed but the pain is still lives inside
Unable to cope, she can't make it subside
Nightmares still wake her, chill her to the bone
Eating away at her soul, she still feels alone
Each night she relives it, again and again
She remembers the darkness and the things he did
The demons they lurk, pull her back into hell
She still feels empty, there's no one to tell
Her innocence lost, her spirit broken
He took everything, her childhood was stolen
Scenes from the past, tear at her soul
The past now the present, she will never feel whole
Finding her voice, "How dare you!" She screams
Her screams left unheard, she only speaks in her dreams
She stands alone, consumed by fear
Please help me, she cries, can anyone hear?
Unspoken memories feed the fire inside
Yet afraid to speak, she continues to hide
Voices call out to her, the terror begins
She will not give in, if she does, he will win
The little girl is scared, she turns away
He will not stop until he has his way
It's useless to fight or to show any fear
She closes her eyes, fights back the tears
The secrets she carries, hopelessness and shame
Remain unspoken, for she knows she is to blame
All she wants is for someone to care
To help her feel safe, to always be there
When the night falls she feels him touch her again
Shaking with fear, she just wants it to end